07/06/13 Vernissage Graduation Exhibition "EPILOG" / Lette-Verein

Lette-Vereins graduation exhibition "EPILOG" (graphic design/photography/fashion design) takes place in Schindlers factory hall while Studio Schwitalla is currently working on the revitalization concept for the hall and the campus in Berlin Mariendorf.

22/05/13 The PORT Technology (Schindler)

The PORT Technology website relaunch features Babel Town and other projects from Studio Schwitalla

16/05/13 Reineke Fuchs Presentation

Reineke Fuchs presented their thesis project today @ the UDK, Berlin...CONGRATS!

30/04/12 Orthodontics Clinic, Berlin

Studio Schwitalla was commissioned to design an orthodontics clinic in Berlin Wilmersdorf

23/12/12 Happy Holidays!

It has been a fantastic first year for Studio Schwitalla:
The research collaboration with Schindler is prospering and will continue in 2013 –
first results are online now.
We also started a study about the revitalization of a 10.000m² factory hall in Berlin,
more information will follow soon…Thanks for a great 2012!

10/12/12 Welcome Reinke Fuchs

Reineke Fuchs, five graduate students in "Gesellschaft- und Witschaftskommunikation" @ the UDK, Berlin started their thesis project related to our study about the revitalization of an 10.000m² factory hall in Berlin

31/10/12 Studio Schwitalla & LAVA Berlin

Studio Schwitalla teams up with LAVA Berlin to participate in an invited pitch for the Feasibility Study "Tegel - Terminal D"

01/08/12 Research Collaboration

We are very much looking forward to the research collaboration with elevator company Schindler about urban mobility!

04/05/12 Online goes online - bon voyage!